Landscaping Services


  • I design for the client
  • Use 3D Vectorworks for all designs
  • Help you avoid costly mistakes
  • Assist in setting up your installation



  • Show how your landscape can enhance your lifestyle
  • Save on water and energy
  • Increase property value


Construction Consulting Services

  • Help you locate a licensed contractor
  • Assist with meetings and decisions
  • Oversee installation


Qualified Landscape Contractors Who Install Most of My Designs:

  • Greg Strong, STRONG Landscape, Inc., Greg Strong
  • Schocker Sprinkler & Landscape, Rob Schocker
  • Christiansen Landscape & Maintenance, Glen Christiansen
  • Shrubber Landscape & Irrigation, Llc, Glen Trople
  • Land Surveying:
  • Dennis Bailey, Utah Surveys


  • Glen Christiansen
  • Greg Strong
  • Virginia Tanner

Please contact me for contact information for Contractors listed above.

Contact Us for Your Initial Consultation

Rick Laughlin, APLD    801.485.8634
APLD Certified Professional Landscape Designer

“There’s a relationship between the value of what we create and what we’re paid for creating it.” David Tisherman, 2008