Over the years I’ve had the chance to work with some very incredible and special people. My sincerest thanks go to those who have allowed me to collaborate with you on your projects.

Client Testimonials

“If you are searching for an excellent landscape designer, you can’t go wrong with Rick Laughlin. His knowledge of hardscape and plants is excellent.” ~ Bobbie Swartz

“Rick has addressed all of our concerns in our landscape design including future plans to build a garage, our needs for raised garden beds and beehives, our love of backyard entertaining, our wishes for low-maintenance, water-wise plants and many more thoughts. He has taken what we want and shown us how to accomplish it ourselves, a project at a time. We look forward to the lifestyle benefits of a fully landscaped yard, something that two newlyweds could never accomplish without a plan. Thank you.”

“Rick, you are a master at your work and we recommend you to everyone we meet who are looking for landscaping ideas and design work. Our yard is the talk of the neighborhood when all of our 3,800 bulbs start blooming!”
~Corry & Ellen

“We noticed the breadth of influences you have developed and how that enhanced the outcome of our project. Your ability to maintain objectivity during the installation process adds substantial value to the final output.”
~Rob & Annette

“Your total attention to both detail and our wants and needs was outstanding. Choosing you as our landscape designer and overseer certainly made the entire process much easier.”
~Steve & Cindy

“We needed knowledgeable help and a trained eye to turn our backyard into the special place we wanted. Rick’s design was well conceived and beautifully executed.”
~Paul & Susan

“There’s a relationship between the value of what we create and what we’re paid for creating it.”  
~ David Tisherman

“Hi Rick!!!!!  Thanks again for all your help!!!!!  We have enjoyed our yard so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”   ~ Karla Rafferty

Testimonial Letters

Dear Rick,

We wanted to thank you again for the amazing job you did for us in the re-design of our front yard.  It was apparent to us from our initial meeting that you were very skilled and passionate in your design work.  We were impressed with the time you spent to meet us, find out our wants and desires, along with finding out the type of lifestyle we maintain.  When we told you how busy our lives were with work and family, you were able to design our landscaping to require very little maintenance on a weekly basis.  Further, we were very interested in water wise plants in which you definitely delivered.

Often individuals worry that water wise plants will look like a desert landscape.  Since our home is located on the high east bench, we wanted a lush landscape with color that blended well with the mountain scenery.  You were able to incorporate so much color and texture into the plants that were chosen.  You also provided a design that was pleasing to the eye from every direction that is it is viewed.  As the project evolved, we were all so pleased with how the removal of several trees and shrubs by the creek allowed us to place a nice seating area for passersby to stop and enjoy the sounds and sights of the babbling creek.

A complete indulgence that we also incorporated into our landscaping was a spring bulb design that you presented.  Our yard is the talk of the neighborhood when all of our 3800 bulbs start blooming!  We can’t tell you enough how enjoyable it is for us to stroll through the front yard and be engulfed in complete color.

You also work with top notch contractors that incorporated your plan into reality.  They were complete professionals and we enjoyed having them be part of our family for the summer.  Rick, you are a master at your work and recommend you to everyone we meet who are looking for landscaping ideas and design work.  We would be happy to speak to any of your prospective clients or have them come over and see your work in person.


Cory and Ellen Clayson

Dear Rick,

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two weeks since the landscaping was completed! The transformation was incredible. You truly have an artist’s touch. You not only fixed the problem areas of our mature landscape, but also helped us add some beautiful touches.  Thanks for listening and being patient. I know at times it was a bit like “Landscape Designing for the Sexes” – if you’ve ever seen the HGTV series “Designing for the Sexes”, you’ll know what I mean. Michael loves the dry streambed and lights, and I got the walkways lilac bushes (they have buds!), and flowers I wanted. It’s a joy to go outside each and see how the plants are growing. We appreciate your knowledge of plants and your attention to detail. I can’t wait until everything blooms. With less grass and the new drip irrigation system we hope to see a significant decrease in our water use.

We were very pleased with the work of Rob Schocker and his crew. Thank you for the referral and working with him to help assure your design was implemented the way you envisioned it. It’s hard to believe they completed the job in just eight working days!

We would highly recommend you to anyone interested in making some changes to their landscape. Thanks you for all your hard work.


Susan and Michael Wright

Dear Rick:

As Annette and I get ready for the spring weather this year we are both excited to watch as our yard continues to mature.  It has become everything we hoped it since we first contacted you about performing an exorcism to the all grass and concrete experience we started with.  As we anticipate the new season we realize what a great choice we made because of the extensive thought you put into a plan that will change with the seasons.

Spring, summer, and fall all add something new and different to draw your attention.  At the same time the design does not look to be lacking at any time.  During our planning discussions we talked about all this but to see it come together is a pleasure.  Your expertise, plant knowledge, sense of space and ability to listen and incorporate our individual desires made it all work.

We also agree that you are one of the most professional people we have worked with.  You kept appointments, communicated, listened, and followed up even after the project was complete.  After watching you struggle over the placement of a plant to the right or left 6” we realized how passionate you are about your clients and the results of your work.

We achieved our goal of having a xeriscape yard that sets us apart from our neighbors and creates an oasis in the city.

Thank you,

Robert & Annette Becker

Dear Rick,

This letter is to thank you for your incredible design work for our properties.  In particular we are so proud of the beautiful landscaping at 668-670 North Wall Street.  Not only is it the talk of the neighborhood, but it is also water wise and very practical to maintain.  Plus the historic society approves!

Our business is to restore homes in the Salt Lake’s historic districts.  Since we like to do much of the work ourselves, we originally thought we could also do the landscape design ourselves too.  However after we started researching, we realized we needed some experienced help.  Once you started advising us, we realized we would have made many costly mistakes that cost much more money then we were trying to save by doing everything ourselves.

We truly enjoyed working with you, and please feel free to have any prospective clients call us for a recommendation.  You did a great job of listening to our needs and incorporated the colors and types of plants we love.  We are also thrilled the people you recommended for installation and landscape maintenance.  Everyone has been very honest, knowledgeable and dependable.  Thanks again for helping us!


Tim & Melanie Flaherty

Owners of Harp Properties

TO: APLD Certification Board

Rick Laughlin designed my landscaping for my new house in the mountains. We had a very lengthy initial meeting, in which he listened to what I needed and desired. After getting a feeling for what I expressed, he designed an initial plan. I was very impressed with his study of what plants, irrigation, trees, etc. would be indicative to the environment for the mountains. He spent much time outside in my yard feeling what would enhance my house, without overwhelming it. The end creation turned out to be quite spectacular.

Rick is a very, sincere, warm person who has amazing skills in sensing where plants, rocks, and soil should be placed to make the owner of the home feel at home and completely comfortable with the design. The people who he works with are professional and are as dedicated as Rick is. For a single woman, he made the whole experience very easy. I invite everyone to come to my new home to view the masterpiece Rick designed.

Sandy Patterson

Hi Rick,

I just wanted to tell you that our xeriscape looks great.  The plants have grown tremendously the past 10 months and just this week I have completed the drip-system.  The mulch will be added next week and then everything will look even better.  We somehow ended up with 4-5 sunflower plants growing in the parking strip but I’m letting them stay
until they begin to interfere with the other plants.  We have had lots of color in the spring and summer, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the fall.  This heat has been hard on the plants the past two weeks and taken away some of the color but I’m sure they will be OK.

Thanks again for your help.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

Have a good day,
Carol and Grace Cross


Thanks for the great job you did on our plans.  We are pleased with the quality and detail of your work.  You did a great job incorporating the plants I mentioned.  We appreciate the time and attention you gave every area of the yard.

 Once again I want to let you know we are pleased with your work.  You have been attentive, timely, and delivered what you promised.  I also like that you presented a grand plan that we can scale back if we choose and/or implement in phases.  It is much better to cut back than to feel like not enough was presented!

 If you ever need to use us as a referral, we’d have wonderful things to say about you!

 We look forward to the next phase of the project!

 Kristi Bowler

After we finished implementing Rick’s landscaping design I decided to sit by the window and enjoy the view. We live on a rather busy street on 7000 south in West Jordan. As a car passed by our home in a hurry I noticed how the driver suddenly slammed on the breaks and put the car in reverse. To my surprise, it stopped in front of our house. The middle age couple inside could not take their eyes off our landscaping. They kept talking to each other and pointing at different spots of our yard for at least 5 minutes. They seemed so interested in the landscape that they ignored my presence behind the window. At the end, they slowly rolled forward with their eyes still focused on our yard. Somehow it seemed they were not in a hurry anymore. That is what Rick’s design can do to a home.

I have found Rick very knowledgeable, meticulous, responsive, and pleasant to work with. I have seldom met someone who pays such close attention to details. He is a true perfectionist and very passionate about his work. You can certainly notice that in the way he does business. I am confident you will find the same qualities in him as I have.


Joey Liender