Continuing Education & Travel

As a Certified Professional Landscape Designer I spent years acquiring my knowledge and experience in landscape design and construction touring the best gardens in the United States, Italy, France, England, Ireland, Costa Rica and Mexico.  I learned from the best and through continuing education and 22 years of practical work experience.

Most design ideas are seldom original. They are inspired by walking through a great garden, studying how it was built and applying the concept to a new garden design. This exposure to different perspectives in garden design moves me to apply these ideas to my own work.

Since joining the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) in 2000, I have expanded my knowledge of garden design considerably. The APLD holds annual week-long conferences featuring the best garden tours, world class design speakers, and networking with fellow designers. I attended conferences across the United States, Italy, England, France and Ireland.  From roof gardens in New York, lush gardens in England to the formal gardens in France and Italy, each conference leaves me with renewed enthusiasm, broadened perspective and creative design ideas.

I have studied under many world renowned designers experienced in landscape design, drawing, plants, hardscape, color theory, water features and landscape lighting. They have inspired me to raise the level of my own work.

Professional Education Includes:

• Color Theory and Design Application, Judith Carona, Las Vegas, 2008
• Site Analysis Skills for Landscape Designers, Kathy Marosz, Las Vegas, 2008
• Elements of Design, Las Vegas-Kevin Flemming, Las Vegas, 2005
• Principles of Design, Form and Composition, Dale Torgenson, Salt Lake, 2005
• Perspective Drawing, David Tisherman, Las Vegas, 2004
• Landscape Design Workshop, Robin Templar Williams, Chicago, 2004
• Mountain States Irrigation Design School, Salt Lake 1999, 2001

Pictures of a projects I have designed are on, and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources website, and the Environmental Protection water conservation website