Plastic pollution around the world

Global plastic pollution

Finally at last the world is concerned with plastic pollution.

Over the past few years plastic pollution has been obvious but not pressing.

Now it is the hottest environmental topic equal or surpassing global warming.

Plastic is appearing at alarming rates in our streams, lakes and especially the ocean.  By the time different types of plastic reach the ocean they have broken down into millions of plastic fragments.











Plastic pollution

Plastics out of control

Plastic pollution is clogging our rivers, lakes and particularly the world’s oceans.  And the world does not seem to care about our impending doom.

But lately many stories about plastic pollution have been adding up to the world becoming concerned.

People are starting to organize and become cognizant of their “plastic imprint” on the world.

Finally at last the world is concerned with plastic pollution.







Plastic's negative effects

Devastating effects of plastic

We are dumping plastic into our oceans at the rate of eight million tons per year!  That is roughly one dump truck every minute.

The problem is not solved by cleaning it up.  As human beings and stewards of the earth we need to attack the sources of our plastic pollution.

And the problem starts with us as human beings and changing our personal habits.

We need to ban single use plastics in our stores and in our lives!  Now that the public is turning against disposable plastics, clothing companies, restaurants, schools, hotels and grocery stores will begin to re-examine their policies.

Our governments will come to realize that it is better to pass laws banning single use plastics than to try and clean up our plastic imbued food chain.

Our best hope is that grocery stores will begin to allow re-usable plastic containers, have plastic free aisles and that all packaging is made of paper.

Finally at last the world is concerned with plastic pollution.