Children getting fatter

This is why!

Why have child obesity rates sky rocketed.  Children in low and middle income countries are getting fatter, especially in Asia.

In high income countries it is actually slowing down.





Fatter children in low income countries

Children getting fatter in low income countries

So why do we suffer historic child obesity rates?

It is because we immerse children with high fat foods rich in sugar and fat.  And their opportunities to play around are limited.

The larger problem is that we have re-shuffled our environment to be the exact opposite of what is required to maintain healthy children.

Most countries are encouraging children to stay inside and play games and not stay outside.

This limits children’s ability to develop healthy exercise/play habits.

Why have child obesity rates sky rocketed.








An unmotivated child

A lazy child

This child appears to be very unmotivated!

The United States countries spend two hundred million promoting healthy foods, and a whopping one hundred seventy nine billion on unhealthy food.

And our cities and towns have been designed to support mechanized transportation.  Our product food ads are targeting youth in the worst possible way.

Canada markets unhealthy food products to the tune of over ninety percent to online children.

Why have child obesity rates sky rocketed.





Targeted children

Children are targets

So have any of these companies that market these unhealthy foods listened?

Some have but there are many who have not…there is too much money to be made!  It is very sad that all of the obese children are the losers.

Since many people die on the earths’s roads every year fewer people cycle or walk.  Parents are concerned about the safety of their children.

Consequently fewer children are encouraged to go out and play outdoors.

So well meaning parents guide their children to organized sports.  This is a good thing until we realize that eating out is the norm to support children’s organized sports activities.

Why have child obesity rates sky rocketed.