Animals killed by litter

Litter kills animals

Animals killed by trash discarded by drivers.

If this dog pictured on the left was not relieved of the container on his head do you think he would survive?

Thoughtless people litter every where never stopping to consider the effects of their thoughtless jester.








Careless littering

Think about what you throw out your window for the animals or birds that pick it up.

Happy meals are particularly popular to throw out your window.  Next a hapless bear, coyote, or skunk comes to investigate the alluring smell.

While the animal’s attention is diverted by the happy meal  a speeding car happens to run over the animal.

Animals killed by trash discarded by thoughtless drivers.






Squirrel killed investigating trash

Many animals are run over

In our car absorbed society animals and trash thrown on the road do not mix!

Often animals are killed by vehicles trash when they investigate the litter.  Studies have shown that up to eighty percent of owls brought in for re-rehabilitation are picked up along a dead carcass they were scavenging.

Animals like raccoons, foxes, skunks, coyotes, bears, owls and hawks are attracted by the carcass of an animal killed by some ones trash thrown on the road.

Animals killed by trash discarded by thoughtless drivers.






Littering is bad

Just do NOT litter!

Look at all of the grizzly pictures of animals and birds killed or maimed by some ones thoughtless actions.

As human beings we are part of this earth and should be responsible for our actions.  Like the caption to the right says we can either be part of the solution or contribute to maiming or killing innocent animals.

Animals are attracted to our thoughtless littering…period!

So simply do not litter and if you happen upon an an injured animal stop and take it to the nearest rescue shelter.

Animals killed by trash discarded by thoughtless drivers.