Beautiful snowy owl

Snowy owl

Explore the fascinating world of the snowy owl.  They are among the avian world one of the most beautiful birds.

Their range extends from the northern states all the way north to Quebec, Labrador, Manitoba and Alaska.

Snowy owls are the heaviest of all North American owls weighing in at four pounds.

All of those luscious white feathers serve to keep them warm in their far north environment.





Nest of a snowy owl

A snowy owl nest

To the right notice all of the dead lemmings lining the nest of a snowy owl.

Although the snowy owl preys on rodents and hares its specialty is lemmings.  An adult can consume three to five lemmings a day.

These large predatory birds follow the lemming migration.

Their population goes up with the rise of lemming populations and falls with the decline of lemmings.




Snowy owls

Snowy owl characteristics

Snowy owls in their mostly white plumage are naturally camouflaged.

These swift and silent birds of prey hunt mostly during the day light hours.

In the northern climes of Canada that means they spend their summers in twenty four hours of daylight.

The fascinating world of the snowy owl.



Female snowy owl

A female snowy owl

Female snowy owls are some what darker than males.

The male snowy owl’s plumage grows increasingly white while the female retains her dark markings.

The fascinating world of the snowy owl.





Snowy owls are silent

The secret to quiet flight

Snowy owls have heavily feathered toes which serve to keep them warm in the far north.

The alignment of their feathers serve to keep their flight silent so they can swoop down on their prey.

Explore the fascinating world of the snowy owl.





Owl with a lemming

Snowy owl

Finally snowy owls usually mate for life.  They hunt in large expanses of tree less terrain.

Snowy owls often hunt from the ground.  They posses incredible hearing often detecting their prey beneath the snow surface.

Snowy owls have been know to catch small birds in mid air.  They are amazingly agile.

Explore the fascinating world of the snowy owl.