Alligator with mouth open

An alligator

The interesting world of alligators.  They have seventy four to eighty teeth.

When they loose teeth new ones quickly replace the old ones.  An alligator can go through three thousand teeth in a lifetime.

They resemble pre-historic creatures in that they have armored-like bodies with a strong muscular tail.






In fact alligators are among the last living reptiles that were related to dinosaurs.  They are cold blooded so they acquire body heat by bathing in the sun.

The interesting world of alligators.






Alligators swim fast

Alligator swimming

Alligators can swim amazingly fast.  They utilize their tails to obtain speeds of twenty miles or more per hour.

The interesting world of alligators.







Alligators have incredible jaw strength!  They can actually crack a turtle shell in half.

They do not have to eat for up to two years.

The interesting world of alligators.







Alligator preys on shark

Alligators eat sharks

Alligators living in brackish waters have been observed preying on sharks.  Gators inhabiting estuarine waters eat three species of sharks and stingrays.

Alligators living in waters from the Atlantic coast of Georgia to the Gulf Coast, Florida Panhandle and the Florida peninsula have been observed eating sharks.

The interesting world of alligators.






More alligator facts

Interesting facts about alligators.  Gators swallow their prey by tilting their head back, since they cannot move their tongues.

When an alligator encounters very large prey they whip their powerful tails back and forth to shake it into manageable pieces which they swallow.

The interesting world of alligators.






Alligator sunning

Sunning alligator

This is the most common way that people see alligators.  Since they are cold blooded they need sunlight to warm their bodies.

If it gets very cold alligators will excavate a hole called a “gator hole” along the waterway.  During cold periods or when it is extremely hot alligators undergo periods of dormancy in their “gator holes”.

The interesting world of alligators.