Dragonflies are fascinating

The fascinating world of dragonflies.  They possess many interesting characteristics.

Dragonflies Are

  • Ferocious predators
  • Catch their prey in the air
  • Have six legs but they can’t walk
  • Were one of the first insects
  • Have four wings
  • And can move each wing independently







A bullfrog

Bullfrogs are their nemesis

Bullfrogs are the dragonflies sole predator.

This is the one creature that they avoid at all costs!

The fascinating world of dragonflies.







In addition to beating their wings at thirty beats per second they have two sets of wings.

Each wing can beat independently of the others since they are controlled by muscles in the thorax.  This allows superior agility in the air and while changing the angle of each wing.  So dragonflies can hover in one spot for several minutes.

Dragonflies can fly in any direction, backwards and sideways.

They can and often do ambush their prey from many different directions!

The fascinating world of dragonflies.



Dragonfly fast facts

Dragonfly facts


Dragonflies are quite fast, up to eighteen miles per hour!

They are known as the world’s longest insect migration.  A species know as the globe skimmer (Pantala flavescens) migrates across the ocean, registering eleven thousand miles.

Based on dragonflies flexibility, speed and distance while hunting, they are one of the most exceptional fliers on the planet.

The fascinating world of dragonflies.





A dragonfly perch


A dragonfly has many compound eyes.  Their head is comprised of thirty thousand compound eyes.  They posses nearly three hundred sixty degree vision.

Their one blind spot is directly behind them.  Their extraordinary vision allows them to focus on a single insect within a hovering swarm.

Dragonflies can see the world in colors that we humans cannot imagine.n

Humans see colors in a combination of blue, green and red.  We posses light-sensitive proteins called opsins.

In the animal world mammals to insects and birds have di, tri and tetra-chromatic vision.  Some dragonflies have no fewer than eleven and some an amazing thirty different visual opsins.



Developing dragonfly

Dragonfly development


All dragonflies lay their eggs in water.  When the larvae hatch they stay underwater for two to six years!

Frequent molting is the norm for dragonflies.  They are well adapted for aquatic life being the voracious predators that they are.  Dragonflies eat a large variety of food like tadpoles, insect larvae and even fish.

The fascinating world of dragonflies.