Praying mantis have ears

Praying mantis have many looks and characteristics.

They have an ear between its legs!  Actually their ear is on their abdomen.  They cannot hear well buy can sense the high pitched tones of a bat.

Praying mantis can pick up the vibrations of bats and sense when they are getting close!

Praying mantis have many different looks.







Praying mantis

Unique attributes of praying mantis

As one of the largest insects praying mantis looks menacing.  It has a stance that looks like it is praying.

It is a master predator who feeds on a variety of insects and some times small birds as well.

Is a master at camouflage adapting the looks of its surroundings.

Praying mantis have many looks and characteristics.


A praying mantis

The predator

Praying mantis have been known to grab small birds, snakes and all kinds of insects.  Their carnivorous appetites know no limits.

Extreme camouflage


Typically a praying mantis remain very still while waiting for their prey to come into their grasp.

Their many looks at camouflage enables them to remain still while waiting for their prey.   They can assume colors of flower petals, dead sticks, moss and dead leaves.

Colors range from brown to green, yellow to white, pink and yellow to a mix of all colors.

Praying mantis have many looks and characteristics.


Parts of a praying mantis

Praying mantis parts

The many parts of a praying mantis.

Their morphology of a praying mantis is similar to many other insects.  But praying mantis have some special characteristics that makes them unique among insects.

They can have long front legs that are designed to catch and hold prey.  Mantis can turn their heads much like humans.  Most other insects cannot turn their heads.

Remember that praying mantis have an ear between their legs.






Praying mantis senses

Mantis have many senses

Praying mantis have an excellent sense of sight.  They have the ability to focus with both of their eyes on the same spot.

This allows them to judge distance very accurately!

Praying mantis have many looks and characteristics.