Solar lighting extravaganza

Solar lighting

Use solar lighting to enhance your garden.  Done correctly solar lighting can be every bit as good as regular lighting.

The secret is in the equipment and how the lights are laid out.

Use solar lighting to turn your garden into a wonderland.








New super bright solar lights

Bright solar lighting

Having an amazing outdoors is just as important as having  stunning indoors.  First impressions last forever so the landscape on your driveway and your front porch has to be drop dead gorgeous.

Your backyard also has to bring it.  Incorporating simple features like a fountain, a patio, a swimming pool or a garden is a worthy investment.  Light those features in a way that show cases them.

After all it is where you go to relax, play with your kids, barbecue and make good times with friends.

Use solar lighting to enhance your garden.

Well placed solar lighting

Solar lighting enhances

Lighting is one of the easiest most elegant way to bring your landscape to life.

Just invest in state of the art light bulbs,be creative with your day to day supplies and watch your garden transform to one straight out of a magazine cover.

 Solar is quickly replacing other sources of energy like electricity and kerosene.

It is environmental friendly and does not dig deep into your pockets.

Below are 2 genius garden DIY projects that tap into this resource.

Use solar lighting to enhance your garden.

Solar String Lights

We have seen string lights in movies and boy are they stunning.

They are simple yet sophisticated and are great for a garden or a patio.  They can also be used to light hanging planters with stunning results.

Use solar lighting to enhance your garden.

Pots lit by solar lighting

Solar lighting pots

DIY projects are fun, cheap ways of creating garden accessories.

The only trick lies in choosing the right solar light.  Once you have that covered, the rest is easy and enjoyable.

Get creative and turn your landscape into a masterpiece with these simple DIY solar garden lighting ideas.