At the gates of little china

Our Boston walking tour

Boston’s ribbon of contemporary parks began in 1991.  Right in the heart of down town Boston there is a mile and a half of stunning looking parks.






Created years ago the 17 acre Greenway encompasses award winning contemporary public art, signature fountains, organically-maintained gardens and nationally recognized food trucks.

Throw in free Wi-Fi and you have the makings of a garden party outside!

Boston’s ribbon of contemporary parks are amazing!


Organic garden in Boston

The Greenway organic garden

Around 1991 construction began on the Cental Artery/Tunnel Project, known widely as the Big Dig. It was acknowledged as one of the most challenging projects in the country.

Workers would remove the elevated highway and create a tunnel system below the city.

Political and community leaders jumped at the opportunity to improve the city by creating the Greenway.  The Greenway is a linear series of gardens and parks that would re-connect some of Boston’s most diverse, oldest and vibrant neighborhoods.


Greenway staff

The Greenway’s staff

On October 4, 2008, tens of thousands of visitors came together for the parks’ Inaugural Celebration with the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy.

The following year, on February 23, 2009 the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy assumed operational responsibility for the parks.




Today, the Greenway encompasses gardens, plazas, and tree-lined promenades and is a key feature of the modern reinvention of Boston, the Harbor and the Waterfront.

Boston’s ribbon of contemporary parks are amazing!


Building that is really a ventilation shaft

A ventilation shaft

The appearance suggests a building but the red brick structure is really a ventilation chamber for the under ground transportation system!







A Greenway water feature

An innovative water feature

This “roof” functions as a collective structure that collects rain water and funnels it down to the basin below.

This is one of the Greenway’s innovative water features.

Boston’s ribbon of contemporary parks are amazing!




One of the Grenway parks

Touring the Greenway in Boston

Our tour group walking the Greenway’s series of contemporary parks.  Look at the diversity of the plantings.

And they are maintained organically!

Boston’s ribbon of contemporary parks are amazing.





A Greenway planting

The Greenways beautiful plantings

One of the magnificant plantings along the Greenway walk through down town Boston.








A Greenway garden

The Greenway tour

Our tour group listens intently as our tour director tells us about the garden.

Boston’s ribbon of contemporary parks are amazing!