Outdoor speakers

Natural outdoor speakers

What are the latest trends in outdoor garden design?

What looks like an ordinary rock is really a high definition outdoor speaker.  These unidirectional speakers perform every bit as good as their indoor counter parts.

These innovative outdoor speakers come in a number of natural looks that look like planters, rocks and brick or stone walls.





By placing dimmer switches and speakers around your outdoor living area you can achieve the perfect blend of sound that won’t alert your neighbors.





Fire pit-on every ones list

Outdoor fire pit

Who does not want an outdoor fire pit?  It attracts people with its warm glow and the seating makes the perfect outdoor room for people to sit around and engage with each other.

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A device that controls all

Water proof remote

This little remote can control everything outdoors.  It is compatible with lighting, music, TV and more.  It is water proof so you do not have to worry about battery corrosion.

This remote comes with a charging station and is compatible with a number of home automation systems gateways and IR-receivers.

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A smart device

Outdoor wi fi repeater

With one of these devices your worries about not having enough range or power is solved.  Simply plug it into an external outlet, hook it up through your computer and your wi-fi router and your network is extended up to 600 feet.






Attractive plants

Drought tolerant perennials

All the rage these days in outdoor design involves attractive, drought tolerant plants.  These California poppies will light any outdoor space.

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Low maintenance lighting

Outdoor lighting

Every one wants their outdoor scene lit up with low maintenance lighting.  Beside illuminating prominent landscape features they add a touch of ambience and warmth.

Landscape lighting done right is very tasteful and elegant and will last for many years.

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